My Accidental Love Triangle

Perhaps I should have taken it as a bad sign when my friend Maria was wearing a warning triangle on her t-shirt that day, but didn’t. She was super excited about being in a new relationship with a guy she had met from a charlotte London escorts. Like all other girls who work for a […]

Sex toys for Better Sex

I love feeling good in bed, and there is one thing that I don’t think that you can have enough. Sex toys is the thing that all girls should make sure that they have plenty of when it comes to bedroom action. Most of my friends outside of cheap escorts in London do not find […]

Brianna And The Love Triangle

Brianna was a beautiful, voluptuous woman, and she had been married for 8 years. She realized after all these years her husband was not able to sexually pleasure her as she desired anymore. He didn’t want to try new things, and he couldn’t make her cum anymore. Brianna decided to meet a random guy one […]