Brianna And The Love Triangle
Posted on: January 18, 2017, by : theinfertilemen

Brianna was a beautiful, voluptuous woman, and she had been married for 8 years. She realized after all these years her husband was not able to sexually pleasure her as she desired anymore. He didn’t want to try new things, and he couldn’t make her cum anymore.

Brianna decided to meet a random guy one night because she wanted to experience things she had never experienced before. She wants a guy who would pick her up, throw her, choke her, spank her, who would fill her up while making her gasp for air.

This guy she met, Steven. He was like a god in her eyes. The first night they met they went to a hotel, and Steven picked Brianna up and threw her down on the table. He placed his fingers firmly around her throat and said, what do you want daddy to do baby? As she tried to tell him he slipped his finger into her mouth just enough to make her gag and started thrusting into her as hard as he could, after he did this for some time, he grasp her throat harder, making her gasp, and shoved his dick into her mouth, making her give him oral as he firmly pressed her throat with his hands.

Brianna was so turned on by this! She started giving him head, and put her finger to her clit and started rubbing it as viciously and hard as she could. Within seconds she was squirting and he lifted her up and ate her out, making her continue to squirt as he played with her clit and licked and sucked all over her vagina all the way back to her ass. He ate her out over and over, and by the time they were through she had bruises and hickeys, all over her neck.

Brianna later told her best friend about her experience, and she wanted to join in with them. That night Brianna, her friend, and Steven met at another hotel but this time Steven grabbed her friend and stuck his dick in her mouth while he grabbed Brianna and forced her to eat her friend out until she came. Once this was done Steven made Brianna put a strap on, and shove it inside her girlfriend and thrust while he did the same to Brianna. Brianna had not been pleasured this much in the whole eight years she had been married to her husband and she was so glad she took this chance on Steven, to really feel this experience.

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